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Retiring school system employees h
onored at Centre banquet

small 2017 Retirement Celebration 2The Coweta County School System honored employees retiring during the 2016-2017 school year, with a dinner and ceremony held at the Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts on Wednesday, May 31.

School system personnel who retired this year include teachers and classroom paraprofessionals from elementary, middle and high schools, custodians, and school nutrition workers, secretaries and school system administrators. Two high school head football coaches were among this year’s retirees, as was a 38-year classroom paraprofessional (Zella Carter), a 39-year high school science teacher (Dan Coleman) and a 41-year bus driver (Marth Ivy).

This year’s 78 retirees were honored for their careers during Wednesday night’s retirement celebration. Board of Education Chairman Larry Robertson and school board member Frank Farmer thanked them for their years of service. “Tonight… is a celebration of new beginnings,” said Robertson.

“You have given everything you have to your profession. You’ve changed lives,” said Superintendent Steve Barker. “Thank you… you will always be part of the Coweta County School System family.”

Before the 8:00 p.m. ceremony, attendees – including 40 of this year’s retirees, their principals, system administrators and school board members – enjoyed dinner in the Centre’s front hall. Employees were honored with silver trays marking their years with the school system.

Those retiring during the 2016-2017 school year include:

Cynthia Brooks, Arnall Middle, Media Specialist
Audrey Diamond, Arnall Middle, 6th Grade Teacher
Daniel Morgan, Arnall Middle, Connections/Technology Teacher
Gina Sanders, Arnall Middle, Paraprofessional
Deborah Newsome, Arnco-Sargent, Education Technology Specialist
Brenda Westbrook, Arnco-Sargent, School Nutrition Cashier
Deborah Bright, Atkinson, School Nutrition Manager
Darlene Pogue, Atkinson, School Nutrition Worker
Katherine Delp, Brooks, Custodian
Judy Baker, Central Education Center, Health Occupations Teacher
Deborah Butcher, Central Education Center, Business Teacher
Melissa "Ellen" Olson, Central Education Center, Science/PLC Teacher
Trace Overton, East Coweta High, Health and PE Teacher
Terry Pacetti, East Coweta High, English Teacher
Steve Pardue, East Coweta High, Head Football Coach
Brenda Seegar, East Coweta High, School Nutrition Worker
Rosemary Stefenelli, East Coweta High, Social Science Teacher
Eileen Conrad, East Coweta Middle, 7th Grade Social Science Teacher
Suzanne Jackson, Evans Middle, Resource Teacher
Vivian Wilson, Evans Middle, Secretary and Bookkeeper
Becki Kelly, Glanton, Counselor
Connie Hanson, Jackson Street Central Office, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Jacqueline “Marsha” Couch, Jefferson Parkway, English as a Second Language Teacher
Lula Mae Gipson, Jefferson Parkway, Special Education Teacher
Pamela Sandlin, Jefferson Parkway, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Katie Williams, Jefferson Parkway, Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Barbara Lanier, Lee Middle, 7th Grade Social Science Teacher
Greg Hamilton, Madras Middle, Health and PE Teacher
Kaye Knight, Madras Middle, Media Specialist
Ona Alford, Maggie Brown, English Teacher
Cathy Duncan, Moreland, 2nd Grade Teacher
Anne Nelson, Moreland, 2nd Grade Teacher
Karen Allen, Newnan High, Economics Teacher
Dan Coleman, Newnan High, Biology Teacher
Sherry Cornay, Newnan High, Social Science Teacher
Reva Favors, Newnan High, Custodian
Elizabeth Hilton, Newnan High, Science Teacher
Ophelia Russell, Newnan High, Special Education Paraprofessional
Karen Thrall, Newnan High, Math Teacher
Lisa Tillman, Newnan High, Math Teacher
Lynn Warren, Newnan High, Math and Science Teacher
Larry Chappell, Northgate High, Driver’s Education Paraprofessional
Julia Lotti, Northgate High, Music Teacher
Thomas Walburn, Northgate High, Head Football Coach
Elizabeth Willis, Northgate High, Special Education Paraprofessional
Gwen Brown, Northside, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Pam Griner, Northside, EIP Teacher
Debbie Moody, Northside, Title 1 Paraprofessional
Liane Upshaw, Northside, Secretary and Bookkeeper
Kelly Abercrombie, Operations, Recreational Therapist
Zella Carter, Ruth Hill, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Millie Garza, Ruth Hill, Title 1 Paraprofessional
Torsha Glass, Ruth Hill, Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Joe Traylor Ruth Hill, Media Specialist
Lynn Traylor, Thomas Crossroads, Special Education Resource Teacher
Kattie Boston, Transportation, Bus Driver
Louise Boyd, Transportation, Bus Monitor
Jon Clayton, Transportation, Bus Driver
Gloria Hayes, Transportation, Bus Monitor
Martha Ivy, Transportation, Bus Driver
Esther Roberts, Transportation, Bus Monitor
Martin Toperzer, Transportation, Bus Driver
Becky Villyard, Transportation, Bus Driver
Jan Deyton, Winston Dowdell Academy, Media Specialist
Carmen Dobos, Welch, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Peggy Landreau, Welch, School Nutrition Manager
Robin Mann, Welch, 1st Grade
Diane McHughes, Welch, 1st Grade
Alma Woods, Welch, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Jane "Janey" Allen, Werz Central Office, PAWS Intervention and Behavior Specialist
Michael Jones, Werz Central Office, System Comptroller
Greg Lee, Werz Central Office, School Psychologist
Therese Reddekopp, Werz Central Office, Director of Instructional Services
Susan Riggs, Werz Central Office, Human Resource Manager
Terry Allison, Western, 5th Grade
Martha Schlicker, White Oak, Paraprofessional
Nancy Schwoebel, White Oak, English Language Learners Teacher
Janet Wunner, White Oak, Assistant Principal

2017 Retirement Celebration 1

The Coweta County School System and the Board of Education honored system employees who retired during the 2016-17 school year, during a dinner and ceremony at the Nixon Centre on May 31. Above are many of this year’s retirees, including, left to right, first row, Kelly Abercrombie, Janey Allen, Karen Allen, Judy Baker, Kattie Boston, Gwen Brown, Zella Carter, Jon Clayton, Dan Coleman, Liane Upshaw; second row Martha Ivy, Millie Garza, Pam Griner, Cathy Duncan, Audrey Diamond, Jan Deyton, Katherine Delp, Sherry Cornay; third row Trace Overton, Ellen Olson, Deborah Newsome, Diane McHughes, Robin Mann, Julia Lotti, Peggy Landreau, Kaye Knight, Suzanne Jackson; fourth row Lynn Traylor, Joe Traylor, Rosemary Stefenelli, Nancy Schwoebel, Pamela Sandlin, Esther Roberts, Susan Riggs, Therese Reddekopp, Terry Pacetti; fifth row Janet Wunner, Alma Woods, Elizabeth Willis, Katie Williams Lynn Warren, and Tommy Walburn.

2017 Retirement Celebration 2

Dan Coleman, who taught Science at Newnan High School, retired this year after 39 years of service with the Coweta County School System. He and 77 other retirees were honored by the Coweta County Board of Education and system administrators Wednesday night at the Nixon Centre.