School Board to consider new elections map in October


Following the 2010 Census, the Coweta County Board of Education is considering a change to the boundaries of the five regional school board electoral districts that within Coweta County.

The Board plans to vote on a reapportioned elections map at its October 11 Board meeting. At its September 13 board meeting the board presented the map that it will consider at that time. A more detailed image of that map can be found here. The public can submit comments to the Board about the map by email by clicking here.

Coweta’s Board of Education is comprised of 7 representatives elected by the public – 2 ‘At-Large’ members elected by voters from the whole county, and 5 ‘District’ members elected from voters within the school board’s five electoral districts.

The 5 regional county districts are the areas being changed to equalize population. This change will not affect school zones in any way – only which voters are able to vote for the particular regional school board seats.

As a county’s population grows, electoral districts tend to grow relatively out of proportion with one another over a period of time. Because of that, following the 10-year U.S. Census, local elected bodies (as well as state and federal legislatures) which are comprised of districts must reapportion political boundaries to equalize the number of voters within those districts.

The purpose of the reapportionment is to bring the number of voters within the districts to approximately equal size, while also remaining within U.S. Department of Justice guidelines to avoid diluting the strength of minority voters, keeping districts as compact and contiguous as possible, and also respecting communities of interest within the districts.

The school board sought the help of the state of Georgia’s Reapportionment Services Office for this task, which resulted in the map presented by the school board on September 13.

The map shows current Board electoral districts with a bright blue line. The proposed changes are shown as a background color scheme.

The school board is currently comprised of members Amy Dees (District 1), Sue Brown (District 2), Harry Mullins (District 3), Graylin Ward (District 4), Winston Dowdell (District 5), April Parker (At-Large 1) and Frank Farmer (At-Large 2).

The Board of Education agreed to place the map on the table for public consideration until the Board’s meeting on Tuesday, October 11.

Members of the public wishing to comment on the map may send their comments to Dean Jackson, Public Information Officer for the Coweta County School System, via email (, or by phone (770-254-2736) or by writing (Dean Jackson, Coweta County School System, P.O. Box 280, Newnan GA 30264).

Contact: Dean Jackson
Office of Public Information
Phone: 770.254.2736
Fax: 770.254.2807