GKAP is a skill assessment for all
kindergarteners in Georgia. There are three
windows of testing throughout the course
of the year.


Georgia Kindergarten Assessment Program
  Student Objectives:



Prints name

Holds print materials correctly

Draws pictures and uses phonetically spelled words

Identifies alphabet

Blends sounds

Identifies letters, words, and sentences

Responds to various types of questions

Sequences pictures to tell a story

Recognizes rhyming words

Associates sounds with letters

Reads selected sight words

Copies letters

Rote count

Recognizes and selects numerals 0-10


Identifies basic geometric shapes

Uses words indicating relationships

Sorts geometric shapes

Continues simple patterns

Determines equivalence between two sets

Compares and describes lengths

Counts sets

Constructs and interprets graphs

Names and identifies coins

Identifies ordinal numbers first through fifth

Models simple problems

Follows teacher's directions

Treats others with respect

Follows all classroom rules

Stays on task for entire lesson



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